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TEKO – VLASOPOULOS CONSTRUCTION is specialised in the integrated construction of buildings, having the required experience and infrastructure (extra modern equipment, human resources) for complete and very speedy execution.

By undertaking the complete construction of a project, we offer many benefits to candidate employers:

  • Lower total construction thanks to the important economies of scale arising from excellent and smooth cooperation between the various groups, central coordination, company-owned equipment, correct management of material supplies, and discounts that we can obtain for our customers.
  • Solutions to construction problems that the company’s technically experienced staff and engineers can offer during every phase of a project.
  • No involvement in the various procedures and details of construction, which means time and energy saving for busy customers.
  • Smooth work flow thanks to coordination by one person who has overall responsibility for the construction project and, as a result, delays due to lack of coordination of the various specialised groups are minimised. Thus, we can anticipate and consequently commit ourselves as regards delivery times.

” We have delivered a large number of projects in many areas of Greece and also abroad. As a result, we have acquired significant expertise, which empowers and makes us the most capable and reliable partner. “

Integrated construction projects include the following phases:

A’ PHASE I (No selection of materials is required)

  1. Earth works
  2. Concrete works
  3. Walls
  4. Plumbing installation
  5. Electrical installation
  6. Coatings
  7. Floor filling
Β’ PHASE ΙΙ (Selection of materials required)
  • Metal works (railing, false casing)
  • Marble works
  • Doors and windows (aluminium, iron, wooden)
  • Wall and floor covering, marble
  • Bathroom sanitary ware
  • Wood works (wooden floors, kitchens, wardrobes)
  • Electrical components (switches, plugs, lighting)
  • Painting
  • Heating, gas, geothermal systems, alternative sources of energy)
  • Elevators


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