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Our Company

At TEKO – VLASOPOULOS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY we construct wooden moulds for reinforced concrete works, while undertaking full responsibility for the projects that we deliver.

The construction of a wooden mould is the first and most important step in the construction of a building. At TEKO we make every possible effort to maximise the benefits for our customers while keeping the total cost low. Our huge supply of construction wood and modern technical machinery ensure the execution of complete technical projects in an accurate way.
With such a structure we are able to achieve significant economies of scale by reducing the waste of materials, and we now stand at the top of the Zakynthos construction market.

The main characteristic of TEKO – VLASOPOULOS CONSTRUCTION is the speed of execution of any projects that we undertake based on private agreements, in view of sound completion of the works, cost minimization and also short delivery times aimed primarily at customer satisfaction.

The construction of integrated bearing structures consists of four steps

    • Construction of wooden moulds
    • Shaping & installation of iron reinforcement
    • Plumbing installations in the foundations
    • Basement insulation prior to earth-filling
    • Industrial flooring in basement areas
    • Foundation earthing, installation of electricity boxes in concrete

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